Why Vanilla Ice?


Yo Vanilla! the Vanilla Ice podcast started off as an idea over $1 whiskey cocktails at a bar in Seattle, Washington. I & some friends were talking about an old podcast project that never came into fruition & the idea of doing something new came up. The Freddy Mercury/Mick Jagger duet Under Pressure came on over the house speakers & from the next booth over we could hear 3 women discussing that they recognized the song from a sample used in the song Ice Ice Baby & how each of them secretly loved it but couldn’t for the life of them name 1 other song by Vanilla Ice. Eventually these 3 women were joined by a friend whom they asked to name another song. He replied Ninja Rap from the Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles II soundtrack. Having realized that we too couldn’t name more than 3 songs ourselves I decided to do an audio deep-dive into the discography of Vanilla Ice & learn along with the listeners all about the living legend that is Robert Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice.Listen to Stitcher

Yo Vanilla! the Vanilla Ice Podcast is an unofficial audio deep dive into the musical history of one of hip-hop’s greatest living legends. Join Timothy Quick and his guests as they listen to every album, watch every music video, and discuss how a young championship motocross racer took a near career-ending injury used his time in recovery to transition into the top selling recording artist of all time before he was 20 years old, became a best-selling author, and host of his own hit home restoration show which, as of the start of this podcast, is about to start its 9th season on the DIY Network.

Yo Vanilla! the Vanilla Ice Podcast is made by fans for future fans; join the conversation at YoVanilla.com today.


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